Six Month Braces


Many adults have resigned themselves to hiding their smiles when they laugh or talk. They think that the only way to fix their crowded or spaced teeth is with 2 or more years of metal braces. They may also worry about the high cost of orthodontic treatment, or about the discomfort often associated with braces.

Fortunately, your Ajax dentist, Dr. Mitchel Shields, offers a cosmetic, short term orthodontic treatment for adults who want to improve their smiles, but don’t want traditional braces. We combine time-tested orthodontic techniques with tooth-coloured brackets and wires to move your teeth quickly and safely.

It’s possible to have the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted in only 6 months.

As a General Dentist, Dr. Shields provides this cosmetic orthodontic procedure as an alternative to comprehensive treatment for adults with concerns about the cost and time commitment of traditional braces.

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Issues addressed by Six Month Braces

Short term orthodontics can address a variety of cosmetic alignment issues with your smile. These include:

  • Gaps or spacing

  • Rotations

  • Crowding

  • Tipped teeth

  • Crossbites

  • “Snaggle” teeth

Six Month Braces is an amazing cosmetic dentistry option that can give you a straight, natural smile, in less time, and at an affordable cost.

Reasonable orthodontic treatment time

A major concern people have about braces is the long treatment time. It is not uncommon for conventional orthodontics to take two or more years. Six Month Braces provide you a new smile in significantly less time than traditional braces treatment. In fact, the average treatment time at Discovery Dental is just six months! The shorter duration gives you back your valuable time for other activities you enjoy.

Treatment with the Six Month Braces system focuses on aesthetic correction of your front teeth. It is not ideal for people who require bite alignment. But this smile-focused braces treatment is much faster than conventional orthodontics that addresses the bite and back teeth. Short term orthodontics with clear braces can take anywhere from four to nine months, but typically averages about six months.

Aesthetic, tooth-colored braces

Many adults also believe that having braces have to be metal and unsightly. At Discovery Dental, we eliminate the hassle associated with wearing unattractive metal braces by combining tooth-colored braces with aesthetic, white wires. Often times, your friends, family, or colleagues may not even notice you’re wearing braces when you choose this treatment.

An affordable orthodontic alternative

For many people, orthodontic treatment with traditional braces, or even invisible aligners, can be cost prohibitive. Because of the shorter treatment time, Six Month Braces require less financial investment than traditional or other popular orthodontic treatments. As well, at Discovery Dental in Ajax, we make treatment fit any budget with flexible and affordable payment plans, including the option of 0% financing for up to 2 years (OAC).