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How do you straighten my teeth in just 6 months?

The Six Month Braces system uses many of the same time-tested techniques that have been used in conventional orthodontics for decades. We just put them together in a new way to allow us to complete treatment in a much shorter time frame.  Also, in traditional orthodontics, a lot of time is spent refining your bite.  With Six Month Braces, we concentrate on those teeth that appear in your smile.  In this way, Six Month Braces is actually more comparable to Porcelain Veneers.  Of course, if your bite is an issue, we will refer you to an orthodontist for comprehensive treatment.

What types of problems can you correct with Six Month Braces?

With Six Month Braces, we can correct many different cosmetic tooth alignment issues, including:

  • crowding
  • spacing
  • rotations
  • minor crossbites

Look at our Six Month Braces Smile Gallery for examples of some of the orthodontic problems that Dr. Shields has treated in our Ajax office.

Is everyone a candidate for Six Month Braces?

Unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate for Six Month Braces. Some examples of people who should be treated with comprehensive orthodontics are:

  • children;
  • large jaw size discrepancies;
  • patients with moderate to severe TMJ problems;
  • patients who desire a dramatic change in profile.

We are happy to offer a free consultation to see if you are a candidate. If you require (or even prefer) comprehensive orthodontics, we can arrange a referral to an excellent Board Certified Orthodontist.

What will my Six Month Braces look like?

Clear Brackets, White Wires


Pictures speak louder than words. Just look at this photo of an actual Six Month Braces patient.

With Six Month Braces, we use tooth-coloured braces and we can even combine them with tooth-coloured wires. Your braces will hardly be noticeable.

Is Six Month Braces like the “invisible aligners” I see advertised?

Not at all.  In fact, we think that this technique is better than those removable clear aligners. With Six Month Braces, it’s faster, less expensive and Dr. Shields has more control over your treatment. And remember, we use tooth-coloured brackets and wires to make treatment “nearly invisible”.

Will the result be stable?
Bonded retainer after Six Month Braces
Bonded Retainer


All orthodontic treatment is subject to relapse. We see many patients who had braces as teenagers and then neglected to wear their retainers. The conventional wisdom in orthodontics is “retention for life.”  We agree with this philosophy.  This means that all our orthodontic patients receive bonded retainers at the completion of treatment, in order to keep your teeth in their new position.

Will my braces hurt?

Many of our patients describe a feeling of “tightness” or “pressure” in their teeth after an adjustment appointment.  This is usually gone with 1 or 2 days.  Dr. Shields recommends ibuprofen if you are uncomfortable.  Fortunately, our patients tell us that this is rarely necessary.

Don’t you need to need to use heavy forces to move my teeth so fast?

Actually, the opposite is true.  If the forces are too heavy, your teeth will not move.  We use the same light forces used in conventional orthodontics.  The front teeth move a lot faster than back teeth.  Because we are concentrating on these teeth that appear in your smile, we can end treatment sooner.

How much does Six Month Braces cost?

Well, that depends on your specific treatment.  However, it is generally less than conventional orthodontics and significantly less than the clear aligner treatment.  Best of all, even though your treatment will take about 6 months, we offer 0% Financing for up to 2 years (OAC)! Contact us to find out about all of our financing options.

Is Dr. Shields an Orthodontist?

Dr. Shields is a General Dentist, which allows him to treat a wide range of dental issues.  He has received advanced training to provide Short Term Orthodontics and has been offering this treatment option since 2008.



What is considered a dental emergency?

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What should I expect at my first appointment at Discovery Dental?

During your first appointment you will have a series of routine X-rays taken that check for cavities. If you have any specific concerns, such as tooth pain, broken or missing teeth, or wisdom teeth further X-rays will be taken to visualize these areas of concern. Dr. Read More

What should I bring to my first appointment?

You should bring your dental insurance information, a list of your medications and allergies, and any medical conditions that you have. Read More

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