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Children’s Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry: Establish Good Dental Habits Early

Children's Dentistry

Discover how our friendly team can ensure a comfortable visit for your child and help them begin to develop good oral health habits at a young age.

As your Ajax dentist, we provide dental care from birth through adulthood. This enables you and your family to maintain consistent oral health treatment for each phase of tooth growth.

Long-term perspective

It is essential that you guide your children toward good dental care. This helps assure that their teeth develop properly.

Your child’s first visit to your Ajax dentist is recommended before their first tooth appears. An early dental routine prioritizes the appropriate preventive dentistry as they age.

Proven preventive treatment

Dental sealants protect your child’s teeth. This is especially common and effective for the early development of their molars.

Vital developmental perspective

Digital dental x-rays have a dual benefit for your child’s proper tooth development. This technology can spot early dental decay and help diagnose the alignment of their teeth as they emerge and grow.

Contact our Ajax dental office about children’s dentistry procedures. Schedule your child’s first or next dental visit.



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