5 Advantages Of Six Month Braces Over Traditional Braces

Six Months Braces Or Traditional Braces
13 February 2017

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A healthy smile can dramatically improve your self confidence and give you an edge in different social situations, such as first dates, job interviews and business meetings. Many adults are discouraged by the prospect of wearing traditional braces for up to three years. But with Six Month Braces, adults with a wide range of alignment issues – including crowding, spacing, rotations, and minor crossbites – can quickly enhance their smiles. Below are five of the advantages Six Month Braces have over conventional braces.

  1. Discreet orthodontic treatment

    Six Month Braces are barely noticeable unless someone looks at your mouth closely. Both the wires and brackets are tooth coloured, so you don’t have to be self-conscious about people noticing your braces when speaking or eating.

  2. Treatment time is drastically reduced

    Six Month Braces uses the same techniques to align teeth as traditional braces, but the concentration is on the front teeth – the ones that appear in your smile – with minimal change made to the back teeth. As the front teeth move faster than the back teeth, we can complete treatment in considerably less time. Using the same force as traditional braces, patients have a beautiful smile in just a few months, rather than the one to three years required for traditional braces.

  3. Minimal discomfort

    Some patients may experience feelings of “tightness” or “pressure” in the few days following their appointments. The treatment is designed to only move the teeth that are visible in your smile, as opposed to all your teeth. This reduces the amount of time needed to correct your smile, resulting in minimal discomfort.

  4. Treatment in a General Practice setting

    By having your braces treatment at a general dentist, you can avail yourself of other cosmetic dental treatments to complement your straighter teeth, such as teeth whitening and bonding.

  5. Lower cost compared to traditional braces

    Because of the shorter treatment time, the cost of your orthodontic treatment is also reduced. As such, Six Month Braces are one of the more affordable tooth alignment treatments available.

If you are an adult with crowding or spacing issues between your teeth and want to improve your smile without having to undergo a lengthy traditional braces treatment, contact the Discovery Dental team to schedule an appointment with one of our dentists to discuss whether six month braces are a suitable treatment for you.

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