Eight Things A Comprehensive Dental Exam Will Reveal

Things A Comprehensive Dental Exam Will Reveal
19 February 2018

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When you go to the dentist for a comprehensive dental examination, you’re getting more than a simple cleaning. First, the dental hygienist will ask you about your oral health and if you’re experiencing any problems with your teeth and gums. You should also bring up any issues you are having with your overall health because most mouth issues are linked to deeper health problems if left untreated. Then the hygienist will give your teeth a thorough cleaning and take X-rays of your mouth.

Following the cleaning and digital X-rays, your dentist will perform a comprehensive dental examination. There are eight things your dentist is looking for that the exam will reveal:

  1. Health: Growths, cysts, bleeding, swelling — these are all things your dentist is looking for to see what the state of your oral health is. They will examine your tongue, cheeks, jaw and neck to look for signs of oral cancer and other mouth-related diseases.

  2. Enamel: When we consume too many sugary and acidic food/beverages, the protective outer layer of our teeth (enamel) will slowly disappear. Your dentist is looking for enamel erosion and signs of tooth sensitivity.

  3. Positioning: The positioning of your teeth is important and your dentist is looking to see if your bite is off or if your teeth have shifted or moved into an improper position.

  4. Gums: Your dentist is looking for signs of gum disease, inflammation of the gums, redness and bleeding, and periodontal pockets (extreme spaces between the teeth and gums).

  5. Hygiene: A comprehensive dental examination lets your dentist see if you are holding your toothbrush the right way, are flossing properly and if you are missing parts of your teeth when brushing.

  6. Cavities: Your dentist is searching for the early signs of cavities and potential tooth decay. If they find anything, they will schedule a filling or other dental work to correct the problem.

  7. Work: If you’ve had dental work in the past, your dentist is looking to make sure there are no problems stemming from a root canal, crown, implant (or whatever you’ve had done).

  8. Grinding: Many people grind their teeth and clench their jaws. Your comprehensive dental examination will reveal if this is happening. If you are grinding and clenching, your dentist may suggest a mouth guard to wear at night to protect your teeth.

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