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Using A Retainer After Six Months Braces Treatment

All orthodontic treatments, including Six Month Braces, require retention afterwards to prevent your teeth from relapsing – or shifting back to their original position. After your teeth have been moved, the retainers will hold them in their new position until the bone and soft tissues settle and adapt. Read More

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5 Advantages Of Six Month Braces...

A healthy smile can dramatically improve your self confidence and give you an edge in different social situations, such as first dates, job interviews and business meetings. Read More


Can Children Get 6-Month Braces?

Six-month braces provide a faster and more affordable solution for crooked teeth in instances when minimal to no changes are necessary for the bite, so this treatment is typically... Read More


9 Important Facts About Six-Month...

Six-month braces mean straighter teeth and a more confident you in less time. Even more, six-month braces are a very affordable way to straighten you teeth. Read More


How To Know If You’re Eligible...

Many people see a straight, white smile as the key to confidence. This can be hard on people who didn’t have access to orthodontics from a young age. Read More