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Six Month Braces VS Clear Aligners

Many of us hide behind our hand when we smile. We’re ashamed of our teeth and worry that people will judge us for having a crooked tooth or two. There are various orthodontic treatments available that can restore your confidence and give you the perfect smile. Six month braces and clear aligners are orthodontic interventions designed to offer an alternative to traditional braces. Read More

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Top 5 Things About 6 Month Braces...

Six Month braces are a fantastic alternative to improving your smile without the long term commitment of traditional metal braces. Read More


Can You Get Braces On Your Upper...

Many adults who suffer from overbite or the overcrowding of the top teeth wonder if braces are the best option to correct these issues. Read More


The History Of Braces And What’s...

You may think that braces are a 20th century invention but in fact, they’ve been around since Ancient Egypt. Read More


Is It Ever Too Late To Get Braces?

Braces offer you the opportunity to get the smile you’ve always wanted – but is there an age limit? Is it ever too late to get braces? Read More