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Ways To Help Your Parents Avoid Dental Problems As They Age

As we get older, we may not put some much effort into our oral care. Whether your parents are in their fifties or pushing 90, you can help them avoid these dental problems as they age: Extreme dry mouth: Older people are at risk for dry mouth due to the physical changes in their bodies and certain medications. Saliva helps kill harmful bacteria and keeps our enamel (the outer layer that coats each tooth) strong. Read More

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Eight Things A Comprehensive...

When you go to the dentist for a comprehensive dental examination, you’re getting more than a simple cleaning. Read More


Removing Piercings For Dental...

If your dentist recommends that you have a dental digital X-Ray done and you have piercings, you may be wondering if you have to remove them. Read More


Six Month Braces VS Clear Aligners

Many of us hide behind our hand when we smile. We’re ashamed of our teeth and worry that people will judge us for having a crooked tooth or two. Read More