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What Could Cause Your Crown To Fall Off?

It can be both painful and unsettling to have a crown come loose or fall out due to age, especially if it exposes the tooth dentin that is sensitive to hot and cold foods. This could constitute a dental emergency depending on the severity of the pain, so it is important that you visit your dentist as soon as your crown falls off. But why would the dental crown fall off? Below are some common explanations. Read More

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6 Month Braces Vs Invisalign:...

As an adult looking to straighten your teeth, correct your smile, and lead a more confident life, the idea of wearing traditional metal braces for up to two years, or longer, can... Read More


4 Types Of Dental Bridges

Dental bridge treatment is one of the ways to replace lost teeth without the use of a dental implant or denture. Read More


How To Wear A Mouthguard With...

More participants in contact sports are becoming aware of the importance of wearing mouth guards to reduce dental injuries resulting from traumatic accidents when playing. Read More