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Oral Cancer Screening During Your Regular Dentist Check Up

Many people may not realize this, but a regular dental check up usually also includes oral cancer screening. During the screening, dentists and dental hygienists examine your oral tissues by looking at your lips, gums, the inside of your cheeks, tongue (the sides and underneath it) and the roof and floor of your mouth. Read More

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7 Signs That You Might Have Gum...

Gum disease occurs when the soft tissue surrounding the bottom portion of your teeth (tooth root) becomes infected. Read More


Can Children Get 6-Month Braces?

Six-month braces provide a faster and more affordable solution for crooked teeth in instances when minimal to no changes are necessary for the bite, so this treatment is typically... Read More


How Long Do You Have To Wait...

Dental implants restore the aesthetic and function of your mouth to nearly the same level as your natural teeth. Read More